Gigapixel Panorama Speedtest


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Please note!

NEW! now included: Autopano project file!

A new release of the Gigapixel speedtest files is now the default download! The new download includes:

  • PTGui project file
  • Autopano project file
  • source images

PTGui is now more comparable to Autopano (same image size, same file format. Expect PTGui to be noticeable faster when comparing to older results.
I have added a render from the reference system to the results. Also, all new results will be marked with an asterisk in the speed index.

For compatibility reasons, you can download the old speedtest source files here.

How to use the Speed Test on your Computer:
  • Download PTGui and install it.
  • Download Speedtest source files (ZIP format, 60 MB) -> NEW! now included: Autopano project file
  • Unpack the files in a directory, e.g. "c:\speedtest".
  • Run the project file "speedtest_ptgui.pts" with PTGui batch stitcher (or "speedtest_autopano.pano" with Autopano)
    To make it easier, a file "_runme_ptgui.bat" is included. It will print the start time in a DOS box and run the Batch stitcher. You can find out the end time by looking at the "last modified" info of the resulting panorama "speedtest.psd" in the same directory. End time minus start time is the needed timing information.


  • Download the result template sheet here and fill in the fields. Send the sheet to me. I will add you to the result chart.
    Alternatively you can enter your data via online form.

Please note:

  • You need at least 60GB temporary disk space on your cache/scratch-disk to run the test! More is better!
  • The project should be run unmodified. If you want or need to use special settings, please add this information to the comments in the result sheet!
  • You are encouraged to send in results with other (panotools-compatible) software. Please don't forget to add all relevant settings you used with your specific software, especially: Interpolator (fast transformation recommended), output file format, size of resulting panorama




If you have no experiences with PTGui, here's a helpful hint:

  • You may want to test a certain disk as cache/scratch-disk. This is also configureable in the options:




Also visit Pat's original PTGui Speedtest page